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  1. Cities Shape the Diversity and Spread of Non-native Species. Luke Potgieter*, Daijiang Li*, Benjamin Baiser, ..., Marc Cadotte. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics. In press. * Co-first author
  2. Online toolkits for collaborative and inclusive global research in urban evolutionary ecology. Amy Savage, Meredith Willmott, Pablo Moreno-García^§^, Zuzanna Jagiello, Daijiang Li, ..., Kiyoko Gotanda. Ecology and Evolution. In press. * Co-first author


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Bold names denote lab members
§ denotes postdoc mentee co-author
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  1. Unraveling Microbial Community Structure–function Relationships in the Horizontal and Vertical Spatial Dimensions in Extreme Environments
    Jing X., Classen A. T., Li D., Lin L., Lu M., Sanders N. J., Wang Y., Feng W.,
  2. Evaluating Plant Lineage Losses and Gains in Temperate Forest Understories: A Phylogenetic Perspective on Climate Change and Nitrogen Deposition
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  3. 2023

  4. Rtrees: An R Package to Assemble Phylogenetic Trees From Megatrees
    Li D.,
  5. Global Patterns and Drivers of Raptor Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity
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  6. Playing With Open Biodiversity Datasets: Case Studies Using Data From NEON, EDI, and GoMRI
    Chen X., Li D.,
  7. Phenological Research Based on Natural History Collections: Practical Guidelines and a Lepidopteran Case Study
    Belitz M. W., Larsen E. A., Shirey V., Li D., Guralnick R. P.,
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  9. Phylogenetic Diversity of Eastern Asia–eastern North America Disjunct Plants Is Mainly Associated With Divergence Time
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  10. Effects of Non-Native Species on Phylogenetic Dispersion of Freshwater Fish Communities in North America
    Qian H., Chu C., Li D., Cao Y., Sandel B., Anas M. U. M., Mandrak N. E.,
  11. Climate Change Filtered Out Resource-Acquisitive Plants in a Temperate Grassland in Inner Mongolia, China
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  12. 2022

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    Li D., Stucky B. J., Baiser B., Guralnick R.,
  15. Aridity Drives Phylogenetic Diversity and Species Richness Patterns of Nitrogen-Fixing Plants in North America
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  16. Fire, Insect and Disease-Caused Tree Mortalities Increased in Forests of Greater Structural Diversity During Drought
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  17. Functional Traits Mediate Individualistic Species-Environment Distributions at Broad Spatial Scales While Fine-Scale Species Associations Remain Unpredictable
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  20. Exploring Discrepancies Between in Situ Phenology and Remotely Derived Phenometrics at NEON Sites
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  21. 2021

  22. Climate, Urbanization, and Species Traits Interactively Drive Flowering Duration
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  29. 2020