Li Lab

Quantitative Ecology in a Changing World

Code of Conduct

You are welcome in this lab. The lab is dedicated to creating a safe environment where harassment and other forms of intimidation are not allowed. A safe environment also means that there is zero tolerance for any form of discrimation, including age, disability, appearance, sexual orientation, race, nationality, or religion (or lack thereof). You are encouraged to share your perspective. Everyone’s perspective is valuable and should be listened to equally and respectfully. Discussions are encouraged, so long as they adhere to considerate language. We also are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and strive to achieve these in the lab. Not only is everyone welcome to work in the lab if they follow basic guidelines, we actively seek to build a group that is diverse among multiple dimensions.

We value collaboration and open science. We support collaboration as a better model than competition within the lab and with colleagues at LSU and elsewhere. We are advocates of Open Science and reproducibility. Whenever possible, the data and software we generate is released under open licenses, a contribution we view as more important than simply churning out more papers (there may be cases for not sharing data openly immediately).

More in developing…

Credits: this code of conduct was developed by members of Guralnick lab at UFL (including Daijiang).