Li Lab

Quantitative Ecology in a Changing World

Data (small or big) and software tools

Increasingly, large amounts of data have become publicly available including global data on species distributions, landscape features via remote sensing, climates, species traits, digitization of museum specimens, etc. Meanwhile, most journals and funders require data to be deposited and open for publications, which resulted in a really rich collection of small to mediate size datasets. New data and software tools are required to analyze these voluminous and heterogeneous data to generate logical and compelling conclusions has not kept pace.

We are an open science lab and contribute our data to international networks such as the forestReplot and GUBIC. We are also developing several R packages for ecological research (e.g. hillR, rr2, phyr). We are committed to develop more tools to facilitate reproducible and reliable ecological research.

Selected articles

Bayesian LDA for Mixed-Membership Clustering Analysis: The Rlda Package
Albuquerque P. H. M., Valle D. R., Li D.,
HillR: Taxonomic, Functional, and Phylogenetic Diversity and Similarity Through Hill Numbers
Li D.,
Rr2: An R Package to Calculate R2s for Regression Models
Ives A. R., Li D.,